The elegant panic alarm

Limenio is a discreet panic alarm that
you easily connect with your existing jewelry.
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There are many situations – in a nightclub, at party or on a date, where a person may be getting more physical or aggressive than normal. There have been a number of news reports about assaults at places we perceive as safe. There was an assault of a girl who jogged and of a girl who was walking home from a party. One of the solutions could be a panic-alarm, but studies show that only 1 of 14 are in the habit of wearing a panic-alarm.

This aroused a feeling in us – a feeling telling us that we must do something. We sat down and examined the current panic-alarms. There are several safety alarms on the market, but common to all is that they do not appeal to users. They are often hard to trigger, they do not look good, and they are unpractical. They appeal to families who feel it provides a sense of security, but where is the security when the alarms are not being used?

With this in mind, we wanted to create a panic alarm based on the users wishes and requirements. An alarm that you actually want to take with you, whether you are going to a party, at the gym or doing other activities. The result was Limenio.

Values and vision

Limenio aims to help women and girls feel less vulnerable, and freer to live their lives to the fullest. We do this by combining design with innovation.

A product like ours ought to be unnecessary in an ideal world, but the world is not. Our product does not provide an absolute security, but is a preventive and important measure that can reduce the chance of being assaulted. Its target is to create awareness that gives you the few seconds that can save you.

When we designed the product we focused on usability and design. It should be a product that the users want to use.

Our product

The pendant can be worn with a necklace or a bracelet. It is easily triggerd by pulling the necklace – this will make the magnetic trigger go off and the siren to come on. We have high standards and our goal is to sell the highest quality products we possibly can. The alarm is precisely handcrafted and intensely coveted filled with modern technology. The alarm has a 90db siren, a magnet-trigger and the platinum-version will also have Bluetooth.

On the outside it is covered with an elegant and discreet surface. We want to set a standard for quality that is unmatched. Limenio is designed in Norway, and our aim is to produce it in Norway.

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“In an ideal world, our product would not be needed. Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. In a sane world that would not happen, but we don't live in a sane world."

JSDFounder, Limenio

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